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Each EUROMICRO conference has, in the case of force majeure, the right to modify or cancel the conference event, after having, as soon as possible, notified that to the registered participants.

Force majeure shall mean any situation which prevents or hinders the holding of the conference, without the responsibility of EUROMICRO. This includes, but is not limited to, actions by government, war or other hostilities, riots, epidemies like, CORONA virus, SARS, bird flu, etc.; nature catastrophes as e.g. storms, floods, earthquakes etc.; disasters, accidents, lack of usual transportation means, terroristic event. The EUROMICRO conference shall then not be liable for every kind of damages (incidentally or consequently) caused by such influences. Registration fees will not be reimbursed by EUROMICRO. Also, all additional costs for conference registrants, caused by the force majeure, as e.g. hotel reservations or travel reservations, will not be reimbursed.

The attendance of a EUROMICRO conference is at own risk. With regard to none of the mentioned cases the conference organisers are liable for death, injury or any losses suffered by any conference participant (including accompanying partners). With regard to all of that, the participants should check their own travel assurances.

In case of necessary changes with regard to the running of the conference events, the participants will be informed by email. EUROMICRO cannot take any responsibility for disturbances in the Internet (message delays, spamming, or other transfer disturbances).