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31st Conference on Real-Time Systems
Stuttgart, Germany
July 9th - July 12th, 2019

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if fee is received until 2019-05-29 after 2019-05-29
For fee reduction the membership has to persist at least since 2018 and up to the date of the event.     Informations about membership
EUR 440.00EUR 540.00
Non-member EUR 550.00EUR 650.00
Industrial Day (2019-07-10)EUR 150.00EUR 150.00
Student EUR 240.00EUR 300.00
- Student status must be proved by sending a scanned copy of the student ID by email to office@euromicro.org at the same day.
- Students who are authors of a paper to be presented at the conference are only eligible to the student rate if at least one of their originally submitting co-authors registers at a full rate.

Conference fees include admission to all technical sessions, lunches, coffee breaks, the conference reception, the conference dinner, and one copy of the conference and WiP proceedings. For the workshops: lunch, coffee breaks, and pre-prints of the presentations.
only if registered with conference not registered with conference
CERTS 2019 (2019-07-09 ) EUR 50.00 EUR 150.00
OSPERT 2019 (2019-07-09 ) EUR 50.00 EUR 150.00
RTN 2019 (2018-07-09 ) web site EUR 50.00 EUR 150.00
WATERS 2019 (2019-07-09 ) EUR 50.00 EUR 150.00
WCET 2019 (2018-07-09 ) EUR 50.00 EUR 150.00
Cancellations up to June 7th, 2019: 90% refund; Cancellations up to June 25th, 2019: 10% refund

For authors of the main conference: for each paper at least one of the originally submitting authors has to register at (non-)member rate.
Deadline for registration and payment for authors to ensure publication of an accepted paper of the main conference is 2019-05-02

Payment is possible by credit card or by bank transfer.
Supported credit cards are Eurocard / Mastercard / Visacard.
You can give us your credit card data via fax or online through the Saferpay - Virtual Terminal
For more informations about Saferpay please look at http://www.saferpay.com www.saferpay.com

If you have any problems with this online registration please contact the office mail to EUROMICRO office office@euromicro.org