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Euromicro is an international scientific, engineering and educational organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences and applications of Information Technology and Microelectronics. Euromicro's contributions to the progress in this field form a unique European focal point of activities. In pursuing the mission the highest professional and ethical standards are observed. Euromicro is a non-profit organization .

Euromicro was founded in 1973, inspired by the emerging microprocessor technology. Since then, Euromicro has been devoted to promoting research and technology transfer in its field, as well as discussing and disseminating of knowledge, information and skills in academia, industry, government and in education. As a truly international society Euromicro strictly adheres to impartiality in national and international affairs.

The major focus is to organize conferences and workshops in Microelectronics, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, covering topics such as software engineering, real-time systems, parallel and distributed processing, multimedia, telecommunications, sensor systems, robotics, computer architecture and microelectronic hardware design.
Conference and workshop proceedings are published through IEEE Computer Press.

Since 1975 Euromicro conferences took place in more than 20 countries all over Europe. For details please click here:

Euromicro together with Elsevier Science Elsevier runs two reputable scientific journals: (JSA): Embedded Software Design and the (MICPRO): Embedded Hardware Design.

Euromicro is a member of the Strategic Forum of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI); EAI is a membership-driven, grassroots ecosystem of leading ICT organizations and individuals focused on facilitating and advancing innovation in Europe.

EUROMICRO is also in cooperation with BIOSTEC - International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies.

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