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Real-Time Systems


The technical committee on real-time systems promotes state-of-the-art research and research for applications wtih temporal constraints, real-time systems. Such computing systems have to provide results which are not only correct, but also delivered in time. Instead of average behavior as for standard computing, real-time systems have to allow for guarantees that the temporal requirements will be met.

Consequently, a range of areas in system developement is affected:
  • Applications: distributed real-time information systems/databases; embedded systems; animation and simulation; real-time control applications
  • Software: design and analysis (tools); validation; languages; operating systems; distributed systems; scheduling; monitoring hardware; monitring; software reuse; object oriented approaches; real-time components
  • Quality-of-Service and Multimedia: video/audio streaming with real-time constraints/limited resources; mobile communications; inhouse entertainment networks
  • Hardware: architectures; real-time oriented devices; coprocessors, timing engines; energy aware scheduling
  • Networks and Communication: communication protocols; protocol engines; analysis tools; development tools; wireless networking
  • Real-time and Reliability: combinations real-time and reliability; tradeoffs; adaption

The technical committee organizes a yearly forum for the presentation of state-of-the-art research, discussions, and communication researchers and users, the Euromicro conference on Real-time Systems. After ten events as workshop, the development to a conference with program committee, full peer-to-peer reviewing and proceedings published by IEEE has been reflected in the name as well. Naturally, the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems is the prime meeting place for European researchers in real-time systems. Over the years, participation from other regions, like the USA, Asia, and in particular South America, has increased. The technical committee will work towards encouraging more participation from these areas in the future.

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