Parallel & distributed processing

Parallel and Distributed Processing are the key elements of high performance computing. The discipline is concerned with a number of major issues that will guide researchers into the next century, including architectures, language models, reliability, and programming tools and environments. The Euromicro Workshop aims to provide a forum for the consideration of these and other issues through original esearch presentations at its annual meetings, and stimulates the exchange of new ideas, views and experience at the highest technical level. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Parallel Computer Systems
    • Massively parallel machines
    • Workstation clusters
    • Interconnection networks
    • Memory organisation
    • Support for parallel I/O
    • Embedded parallel and distributed systems
    • Fault-tolerance issues
  2. Languages, Compilers and Runtime Support Systems
    • Task and data parallel languages
    • Functional and logic languages
    • Object-oriented languages
    • Scheduling and load balancing
    • Task and object migration
    • Fault tolerance issues
  3. Models and Tools for Parallel Programming Environments
    • Performance prediction and analysis
    • Simulation
    • Knowledge-based parallel program development
    • Visualisation tools
  4. Advanced Applications
    • Multi-disciplinary applications
    • Parallel databases
    • Computations over irregular domains
    • Numerical applications with multi-level parallelism
    • Real-Time distributed applications
    • Distributed business applications
  5. Distributed Systems and Networks
    • Distributed Databases
    • Distributed oo systems
    • Web computing
    • Distributed operating systems
    • Distributed algorithms
    • Distributed shared memory system
    • Heterogeneous distributed systems
    • Metacomputing

The Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing normally takes place annually, either in January or February. Papers are peer reviewed and the proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society.

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