Why join ?

None of the Euromicro services and goals could be provided without the generous support and devotion of active volunteers and members.

A continuously increasing number of professionals from universities, from the commercial sector and from government organizations takes advantage of the conferences and workshops, as a forum and a platform where new concepts and results in a variety of challenging areas meet experience and requirements from practice or education. New perspectives in research and development as well as their implications in industry, government, or even social affairs are outlined among all experts involved.

While this is vital for our technical field as it changes rapidly the particular European focus of the Euromicro vision contributes substantially to such strivings. This is done on the one hand through burgeoning alliances with other professional societies around the world, by creating innovative programs and partnerships with a global support. On the other hand, Euromicro has identified as a key interest to raise the awareness of both political leaders and industry experts for the enormous consequences that Information Technology has, and will have, for every sector of the political, economic, social and cultural life of people. These entail a variety of deep-cutting measures for reshaping both the process and the contents of legislation. For Euromicro, this is a particular challenge and occasion in the current and future phases of formation of the European Union.

The Membership Advantage

Members are strongly encouraged to join all activities mentioned. The help of all competent people in organizing, even shaping such events is highly appreciated. Euromicro members enjoy considerable reduced conference fees. Through Euromicro's cooperation with the IEEE Computer Society and ACM there are other services available.